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We are one of the leading car leasing and contract hire specialists in the UK. We provide the most competitive lease car and van lease deals to both personal and business leasing users. Many of our van and car leasing deals can be supplied from stock, so you can have your vehicle delivered quickly.

We also offer exclusive deals where we have negotiated extra discount for a bulk purchase of vehicles. Currently we have a fantastic deal on the Peugeot 208 GTI. Contact us today for a quote via this site, email to or visit our website Want to speak to an advisor? Call 0161 425 8334

We also offer:

· Competitively priced maintenance packages to add onto your car lease or contract hire deal.

· Flexible Payment terms so you can take your lease car, or lease van, over a period that suits you.

· Mileage terms can be stipulated by you, which means your contract hire package is tailor made for you or your business.

· Virtually all of our contract hire and leasing funders accept initial payments by direct debit after delivery, which means that you are driving the car or van before you have even started paying for the lease.

· You can choose to protect your car leasing, or contract hire, payments by taking out our optional GAP Insurance.

· Make sure you are talking to the contract hire specialists, call and ask for one of our Car and Van Leasing representatives now.

Blue Chilli

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